Swimming Pool That Converts To Patio Floor

This is a pretty cool idea I think. If you have limited space in your back yard, you can simply have a pool and some patio space at the same time, and you can change it back and forth in 2 minutes each time. You simply “adjust” the depth of the pool from one inch to almost six feet, and when your not using it, the pool will simply disappear.

You can see how this works here:

The patio floor space’s descent can be stopped at any time when it is lowering. You can press the “keypad” again and the patio will continue to glide through the water to a maximum depth of six feet, suprisingly.

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This pool also has a hidden hydraulic table in the middle, eliminating the need for your own table to be dragged in every time the pool lifts out of pool mode. Also, you can lift the patio table up with a touch of a button even when the pool is in pool mode and not in patio-floor mode.

Unfortunately I cannot find the actual price of this pool, basically you would have to call the company up and ask how much, as they have to ship it over themselves and install it. So let me guess, it’s probably somewhere around $50,000 USD, or more.

Via Hidden Water Pools

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