iBasket; A Hamper, Washing Machine And Dryer All In One



This is probably a laundry hamper from 1000 years from now, because it basically can store your clothes like a hamper, wash your clothes, and then dry them as if someone else did your laundry for you already and brought your hamper back to your room with all your clothes already washed, and dried for you.

The iBasket is a combined, revolutionary idea that allows you to take your clothes off daily and leave them inside, and you can let the iBasket do the rest. It has a transparent body that allows you to see through it. It removes dirt and odors by sucking in fresh air, and when the clothes pile up in the bin to a certain degree, it will automatically start washing them.┬áThere’s no need at all to press any buttons.

The iBasket will use a special electrolytic water (moisture-less detergent) to kill bacteria and clean your clothes. And once the cycle is finished, the Wi-Fi connected basket will fire off a message to your mobile phone or PC, or both. It makes cleaning your personal clothes an operation that allows you to be mindless of the operation, which saves you your time and your energy, and energy on your power bill.

Anyways, the bad news is that this is only a concept still. The designers name is Guopeng Liang and he has designed many other things as you can see in his portfolio.

Here is a Youtube video talking about it:

When the iBasket is in production (if it ever reaches that point), it will be made by the company named Electrolux, which is a common brand that makes many household appliances.

This idea came out in 2008, so with it being 5 years later already, I really cannot say when this concept could become a reality. But let’s just say, with as much demand as there is for it at this point, I think it will become a true product one day that you could buy. Maybe Apple will release something like it first, calling theirs the “iHamper”.

Via Guopeng Liang Design

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