The Circular Cardboard Book Case Of Doom



This is a mini cardboard shadowbox, which is a template for a more bigger Circular Bookshelf. It’s very strong and can hold your most favored treasures. Lots of glue and a couple of hours of work can achieve this beautiful piece of artwork. It just takes 2 extra days in your spare time to waterproof with your own ingredients and to decorate to your liking.

The design is mainly influenced by Elsa Paige from her own bookshelf designs. And the construction concepts were learned from Eric Guiomar. You can learn how to make this visually by watching the Youtube video below:

Another image of a similar circular book shelf:

This is basically a splendid idea if you want a shelf that doesn’t weigh too much and adds a little more character to your apartment or house. A normal square bookshelf is alot more boring than this idea.

Via Instructables

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