Keep Your Wine Cool With Chill Spout

This is apparently meant for keeping your wine cold, for a longer amount of time. It’s the “Pink Drip Free HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout“. The triton rod is bpa free and it has proprietary non-toxic food safe gel in the core. You basically keep it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then take it out and pore your first glass of wine, then put this into the wine.

It doubles as a lid too. It’s also drip-free. The recommended temperatures to have this rod at before using is 58-62 F. Use with any wine bottle you can think of. In the details of the Amazon listing, it looked like crap, so I siphoned out as much important information as possible. You can get these in the colors of Gray, Pink, Green and Aqua. Made in China. For a price of, $84.79, you can’t go wrong.

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