Log Pillow Keeps You Sleeping Like A Bump On A Log


‘ ‘This is “The Log Pillow“, and yes it will keep you sleeping like a bump on a log, and for me it makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a cabin. But when I wake up, I look around and remember I am just in the city. It’s hand-made, from polyester polystyrene, spandex, microbead […]

Wooden Deer Head Wall Hanger For Wannabe Hunters


‘ ‘If you’ve never killed a deer, but still are trying, until you do, this “Deer Head Stag Trophy” would be perfect for your wall. You don’t have to admit what it’s for, you just got to make plans for that real deer head you will hang on your wall one day. Keep practicing, and […]

Integrated Seat And Tool Box Perfect For Serious Gardeners


‘ ‘This “Gardeners Seat” is perfect for those who are serious about gardening and need a seat to be used while doing weeding or anything in paricular that is gardening, as sitting your butt in the dirt isn’t always enjoyable. Carry your tools with you as well with the integrated tool box.  Even leave them […]

Extendable Telescoping Ladder Excellent For Storage Or Tight Jobs


‘ ‘If you are either hanging pictures up, or doing repairs around the house, sometimes you want a ladder you can store somewhere tight. Ladders can be problematic as they usually are left hanging on a wall, or leaning against a wall which is a safety hazard, what if it gets knocked over?. Any ways, […]

Stand On Stilts Meant For Dry Walling So Your 3 Feet Taller


‘ ‘With the “Heavy-duty Dry Wall Stilts“, doing any drywalling where the wall is very high up (usually in older buildings), makes it harder for short dry wallers to reach (not mocking you guys, I’m short too!). Any ways, these stilts add up to 20 inches extra of height (about 3 feet) allowing you to […]

Skeleton Corkscrew Perfect For Drinking Wine On Halloween


‘ ‘This is the “Day Of The Dead Corkscrew“, as inspired from the “Dio de los Muertos” celebration that was held in Mexico, this is a corkscrew that designed by a student named Stephanie Suarez as part of the Mexico Design Challenge. As it is unique, it sports a good purpose. To be used on […]

Fake Czechoslovakian Spider For Scaring The Mailman


‘ ‘This may have have been specifically meant for Halloween but I am sure you would enjoy to scare the mail man with it. It’s about $56.42 CAD but it’s still worth it in my mind, if you put it somewhere close to the mailbox. It’s called a “Czechoslovakian Red Spider“. The materials are barbed wire, […]

Smell Nature’s Smell With This Real Wooden Bark Candle Holder


‘ ‘This is the “Wood Bark Candle Holder“, that is a rustic-like tea light holder, which is perfect for the bathroom your kitchen. The material is Fallen Pine Limb. It’s hand made in North Carolina. The bark has been left entirely natural, from being cut off the tree. It’s hand sanded with a nice smooth […]

An Affordable Machine That Makes Fake Fog For Parties


‘ ‘Turn off your smoke alarms!, here comes the “Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines EF-400 Fog Machine“, which is a powerful 400-watt heater. It displaces 1,500 ft of fog every minute. It really only uses water based fog juice. It also outputs 1,500 cubic ft. of fog every minute. It also comes with a 10″ wired […]

Slide Down This Metal Slide To Get Downstairs


‘ ‘This is a metal slide that is designed to be located inside your home, as a more convenient way to get downstairs. Maybe just for the kids?. I imagine that sometimes you dress up and don’t want to mess it all up, but maybe it wouldn’t be all that bad. To get one of […]