Tenderize That Meat With A Knuckle Pounder. Like A BOSS.


Giving your meat a punch is what we all want when tenderizing meat. It’s also a great way to relieve any stress, when preparing your meat. This “DCI Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance” for $13.95, is a perfect solution for anyone wanting to punch someone out but only on meat so no one [...]

Use This iPad Mount For The Kitchen To Read & Follow Recipes


This thing is just allowing more and more people to cut away on those bulky recipe books in the kitchen, and just use a tablet for recipes, making cooking easier and easier. It’s called the “Twelve South HoverBar V3 – adjustable arm for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini (includes Kickstand)“. It will clamp almost [...]

Pour Large Containers Of Milk With This Pouring Convenient Pouring Tool


It’s always a pain in the ass when you have a 4L milk jug and your too weak to pour a glass of milk from lifting it. The best part is when your kids need you to pour a jug of milk, this thing can do it for you. This thing is called the “Pour [...]

Conveniently Crush Ice That Fits Into Any Glass


Now, you can crush ice into small pieces without using a point ice picking tool and a large piece of ice. These “Lekue C’Rush Ice Crusher, Turquoise, Set of 2“, are only $15.99 USD and are made with rubber and are completely flexible, which makes extraction of ice easy and very quick. The ice molds [...]

These Chopsticks Dispense Sauce Into What Ever Your Eating. Wasabi Anyone?


Just forget about getting just a little dish, and putting the blob of wasabi directly on the side to then pouring soy sauce on your food. That’s basically a long and overdue process and what’s even more interesting, is that there is even noe more plate to wash. I hate dishes.  Okay, so now we [...]

For Once, Just Use A Teaspoon As A Scale For Easy Measuring


It’s annoying having a drawer full of teaspoons, and a scale that is too big to fit on your counter. Any ways, a new invention has made it’s way to my kitchen counter. And it’s called the “Spoon Scale“. It will measure your ingredients digitally, conveniently. It cuts down on space, and any dry goods [...]

Reseal A Bag Of Opened Chips Like You Were At The Factory


This is something we all have been waiting for I think. It’s for those who love chips, cheetos, beagles, or those hoops with too much salt. The product name is the “iTouchless BR001U Bag Re-Sealer (2-unit Pack)“, which goes for $26.08 CAD. You get a tool that will reseal all plastic bags airtight in just [...]

Pour Delightful Drinks With This Custom Mason Jar Dispenser


I think I was just drooling over the picture below that made me write this post. But you could definitely make something like it if you bought this. It’s called the “Pour Delight Drink Dispenser“, which goes for only $34.99. Maybe you can make one yourself but, it’s just easier to buy one, and the [...]

Heart-Shaped Teaspoons Will Make You Love Cooking All Over Again


This is probably the most enjoyable way of cooking again, or baking. They’re called the “Lovin Spoonfulls Set“, and go for $7.99 USD. They aren’t available at this current time but, check the link and see for yourself, they might have been just sold out when I checked. These heart-shaped spoons are made by Decor [...]

Give Your Plants A Voice With High Tech Sensors (Let Me Explain)


These plant sensors are designed to connect your garden to give your plants their own voice. We now will break down their strengths and weaknesses. Bringing something like these gadgets into your garden is like “the smart garden”, and it’s also one of the most awesome frontiers we could ever enter into, with the latest [...]