Where Ever You Have Power, You Can Make Ice With This Convenient Appliance


I thought this was a cool idea, it’s basically a portable ice maker which has earned the “Best” rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. This is because, it was the most efficient machine that produces ice. It yields a 1″-long conical shaping ice cubes that are in batches of 12. The best models are 1.8 [...]

Getting Your Head Level While Doing Wood Working


When you think of the term “level”, it usually refers to a basic straight line that is basically also perfectly horizontal as well. It’s basically referenced on an axis, or just a straight line. That’s like the top of a picture frame that hangs on the wall or something. A tabletop also can be made [...]

Since When Does Riding Your Bike Have Anything To Do With Cutting Pizza?


Cutting pizza has always needed one specific tool. And if you are a road bike enthusiast, or you know one, this would make a great gift or a great reminder. This is the “Fixie Pizza Cutter“, which I have no idea why it was given that name. Maybe the “Biker Pizza Cutter”?, nope. Any ways, [...]

Make Eating Fun For The Kids With Construction Utensils


This is a pretty cool idea if you want your kids to start eating more. It’s called the “Construction Plate & Utensils“, which goes for $19.57 – $23.50 CAD. All utensils, and the plate itself is seriously representing a construction zone, which may make your kids more prone to eating, if they’re into that stuff. [...]

Finally A Heated Cat Shelter For Those Long Cold Winter Days


It’s about time someone came up with something for cats. It has always been about the dogs, but now it’s all about the cats. This is called “The Only Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter“. It’s the only outdoor cat shelter with an integrated heater that will keep feiles warm and also comfy in cooler temperatures. It [...]

An Indoor Teepee For The Kids & Animals To Play With


I think that barbie teepee you used to be able to buy is now in clearance for 15 bucks. Any ways, this one is made with real unbleached cotton, canvas, and fabric. It’s hefty at $267.77 CAD, but look at what your getting, the true value of it. The only thing you need after buying this [...]

Dispense Ingredients On Demand To Make You A Better Home Baker


I seriously hate cooking, but Baking comes naturally to me. This is basically a hole in your wallet, that will allow you to fix that hole in your pocket down the road for the amount of money you saved and the amount of time you saved as well. Just toss anything into a pan, and [...]

This “Borg” Mini-Fridge Would Make Spock Proud Of Himself For No Reason


I never thought someone could ever make something like this but, as you can see, it’s here, and it’s not queer. I actually like it, but I do actually like my bar fridge with a window so I can see the state of my beverages. You can say this is a collectors item, but I [...]

Let The U-Stool Take Your Bum & Your Breathe Away


When I first saw this guy learning back in this chair like this, it made me wonder. Was he really trying to prove something?, or was he really trying to break his own back, or break his own stool?. Any ways, the materials for this “U-Stool“, are only Bent Plywood, and Rope. Sounds hippyish doesn’t [...]

Light Up The State Of Oregon With This Hanging Sign With A Beautiful Light


I’ve never been to Oregon myself, but I know my Dad has. He bought me a T-Shirt while he was down there, and then I came across this sign. It’s great for those who call this state home. It’s called the “Custom Lit Wood State Sign“. For $105.39 CAD, it makes a great gift for [...]