Alternative Tire Swing Keeps Kids Safe And Prevents Water Collecting



This is probably one of the best ideas for your own kids since sometimes they tend to hurt themselves on regular tire swings and this one is very safe. For the most part, we all hate tire swings that collect water and this pretty much defeats that problem completely.

Second of all, this swing comes in 3 different sizes. You can see below that it comes in a 24″ size, 36″ and 48″:

The thing is that this product is in high demand, so finding it in stock online through most major retailers is hard. But if you look hard you will be able to get one, I am sure of it. Since it says mostly “currently unavailable” on most sites I see where it used to be for sale, I cannot provide any accurate prices on this swing at all either, sorry about that.

But it’s definitely good piece of mind that there is something out there that is better than an old boring, regular, tire swing.

Via Swing & Spin

Update: They are all in stock as of now, here.


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