Glow In The Dark Paint For Plant Pots Creates A Light Show

It’s not the first time

I have shown you guys glow-in-the-dark products. But this one image really got to me. Why wouldn’t you want glowing plant pots in your backyard?. Anyways, you can either buy them like this or you can buy the paint and buy the plant pots. It’s seriously lame when I cannot find the original source of the image except someone else who just wrote about it like me here without providing the original link. Take a read below this image for an important update on this post.


To achieve the same glow as those pots above, using the tutorial I made below is not going to be as cool as that image above. Apparently, people have tried it and you can simply read in the comments and see that the home-made route is no where near the same as those nice and awesome pots above. But if you want to buy pots like those already made, and that are very bright like those, the best way to go is to go here.

The “Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter”, is a planter that is indeed expensive, but it will give you the awesome effect that you see below. I think that’s a lot cooler than the image at the top of this post. What do you think?. The reason I am not including a link to the plant pots at the top, is because I cannot find them any where. The tutorial below is to give you someone glowing plant pots.

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It’s very bare. But it’s the cheapest way to go. I’d recommend buying an already made glow in the dark plant pot. If you look at my Google search I just did for all of you, doing a search for “LED Plant Pots” will bring you some cool results, and if you search for “Glow In The Dark Plant Pots“, you will also find some cool stuff.

I’ll warn you though, because a lot of these cool looking plant pots are super expensive. It’s pretty insane. So please buy at your own risk. Try to read the reviews and see if they are as cool as they look in the images.

*Warning*, after following this tutorial, you will only get very BARE glow in the dark plant pots. If anyone has done this already, please submit your own results to my contact page so I can include it in this post, with your permission.


So anyways, I can send you in the right direction to at least finding out where to buy any of these similar plant pots. A can of this will do the job just fine. It’s called Krylon K03150 which is a 6-ounce glow in the dark Aerosol Spray. It costs $5.99 on Amazon. I’m not sure if you could find this at your local hardware store, but maybe it’s worth a try.


As for the plant pots, you can probably find some at your local hardware store for sure, and for cheap. It may not look as nice as the image at the very top, but it will still look very cool. Some other plant pots you can buy look like the image at the very top, but some are even nicer and are in different shapes. They are from Rotolux, and come in all different shapes and sizes. The sizes of them range from 16″ to 44″.

LED Pots:

These are actually LED plant pots, which is hard to believe how they could embed the LED’s into the pots, they must be slightly see through for the light to pass through.

Alot of these look pretty cool, and believe it or not they are real and not edited.

Price: $170 USD (for the cheapest Rotoluxe illuminated planter)

Via Piccsy & Rotolux & All Modern <— This is where you buy the Rotoluxe planters (which are expensive)


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    • says

      Hey there!, basically the cheapest way to achieve something similar to what these plant pots do (as they are very expensive) is explained two paragraphs below. The actual planters are made by Rotoluxe and the cheapest one is $170 USD. If you look at the “Customers Also Viewed” items on the same page in that link, you will see more expensive plant pots from Rotoluxe.

      To achieve regular planters that glow in the dark, you need regular planters from your local hardware store (they’re usually Orange), then you buy the glow in the dark paint and paint them and let the planter dry overnight. It’s probably best to see if you can be satisfied from one coat of paint, see how much it glows, and if it’s not good enough then try another coat of the glow in the dark paint. It may not be the same exact thing as the illuminated plant pots from Rotoluxe but it’s nearly 1/4 the price of buying a Rotoluxe plant pot.

      Or if you want to find alternative illuminated planter, this specific one is expensive but you don’t need to do anything and they glow at night. This one here is solar powered and lights up at night in the color blue. If you look further below on this article page you’ll see “Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed”, you will see other products similar to that one that are possibly cheaper on the wallet.

      Hope that helps!.

  1. says

    GBC Safety Glow has a small kit of professional glow coating for $69.00. We also have a great team to ensure the success of your project. No matter how big or small. Always here to help. We have helped lots of people make a lot of stuff glow!

    • Decorative Soul says

      Hi Jason, I looked around on Google for the product you speak of, especially on your company’s site. I can’t find the specific kit you speak of, but if you provide me the link I will write an article about it!. Thanks for sharing your products, I look forward to your reply.

  2. Mary says

    Hi love your pots, would it be possible for you to send me the details on how you created them.

    These are fantastic but don’t know if I can obtain the glow in the dark paint here in the UK, any help appreciated.


    • Decorative Soul says

      Hi there Mary!, well the bright white ones you can buy here:

      The pots at the very top are actually an image that was pinned on Pinterest, however you can make your own with that can of Krylon K03150 which you can get from Amazon, and the plant pot you get from your local hard ware store. Though doing this will not make the plant pot look like the ones shown in this article, these are special pots that are specially made with either LED’s or a special paint and are factory made to glow alot more fluently than the traditional home made glow in the dark plant pots.

      I hope that helps!, have a great day!.

  3. Pauline McCaleb says

    I just want to paint some stones in a walkway like I saw online once.Will this work for that okay?

  4. lillian says

    Why can’t you a glass globe light fixture, spray it with glow in the dark paint and put battery miniature lights in the globe.

    • Administrator says

      Hi there Lillian. Right now I am testing the glow in the dark paint with plant pots, and I will be adding that post in the coming weeks. In the mean time, your comment will remain visible for other people to try what you suggested, I just got too many projects going on right now. Thanks for the suggestion though!, and I will provide some proof showing that this really works, very soon.

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