Indoor Doggy House Under The Stairs Keeps Gracie The Puppy Happy



Of course, this is a find that most people (woman) think is super cute. I think it’s cool!, I’d do this for my dog. The only thing is, cleaning it when required. I guess it shouldn’t be too bad. In the image below you’ll see the dog house, and just picture having to clean it. I would build it so that it’s easy to clean, by maybe adding another side access thing to it or something. I’d think of something!.

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And yes“Dogs Are People Too”, I can agree with that. And maybe the cats can use it too?, they love to hide where ever us humans can’t get to. The only thing is, the cat will have to abide by the dogs rules of his house.

So now, the mystery has been solved as Dana said herself in the comments, and she explained everything to me about her dog “Gracie’s” dog house. This stairway dog house belongs to her, and you can find Dana’s other creations on Pinterest. She says that her pup loves putting herself to bed every single night (no door required at all). And it’s not even a problem to clean as she painted it completely with high gloss white paint and she can fit inside the stairway dog house herself to wash the window herself.

It’s great that the dog has her own window to see outside in addition to having no doorway and no hassle of Dana having to open or close a gate. If the dog has to bark at something outside, she knows and sees it through her window. Where my dog starts barking like crazy when she hears thunder and can’t even see it, or barks at something outside which is not putting anyone in danger at all. Thank you Dana for coming forward, now this post just got ten times better!.

Read more below this image…..

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In addition to that, I have a much longer and more broad story to tell about this stairway dog house, as said by Dana:

My husband and I built our own home and utilized the space underneath the stairs for storage ( one large triangle shaped area) with a coat closet on the tall end. We thought ahead and framed the opening you see in the photo for easy access to the “squaty” side of the space. After living in the home a year we rescued a lab and like most retriever parents, had a very large crate taking up space in our living room.
Growing weary of the look of the crate and moving it to clean, I asked my husband if he could frame a divider wall between the coat closet and the rest of the space. Being a handy guy, he had the wall up that Saturday. We spent the next day adding sheets of beaded board to the walls, caulking, and adding several layers of high gloss white paint (for easy cleaning).
We decorated with the doggie signs you see inside and out, as well as a few photos of Gracie’s doggie pals. An extra large Orvis temperpedic bed completed the room and takes up almost all the floor space. Total cost of the divider wall supplies and beaded board was approx $80 ~ we already had caulk and paint. Total time to finish was 2 days.
Cleaning isn’t as hard as you think. I can fit inside the space (after the bed is removed) to vacuum, hand mop, wash down the walls, and window.
Gracie loves it and puts herself to bed each night. The other great thing is the window (added when we built the house for exterior balance) for natural light. It opens to our front porch and on summer mornings the golden retriever next door trots over to peek in and entice Gracie to come out to play.
And so, with that story told, you know exactly what to do now to create your own dog house underneath your stairway. And in case you were wondering what the colors were of the paint used in these photos on the walls, inside of Gracie’s house is high gloss white – gliden. The wall outside is Latte by Restoration Hardware in Satin finish.


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  1. Dana says

    Mystery solved. This is my house and my dog. (Pinterest name cdanamc) Glad you like it but I’d appreciate you removing your watermark as it’s now been copied to an article from your page with your watermark included. My pup loves it and puts herself to bed every night (no door required). It’s not a problem to clean as I painted it with high gloss white paint and I fit inside to wash the window.
    Ps – my cat sneaks a nap in there whenever he can.

  2. Dana says

    Perhaps I am incorrect about the watermark. It appears that Buzzfeed may have added – not you. Apologies if this is the case.

    • Owen says

      Alright I’m not sure I’ll have to contact the owner of the image, or if a commenter can let us know here in the comments that would be great!.

    • Owen says

      Inside of Gracie’s house is high gloss white – gliden. The wall outside is Latte by Restoration Hardware in Satin finish.

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